Though I collaborate with many scientists throughout the United States, the focus of my research is on dendrochronology: the study of tree rings through time. At Louisiana State University, my research showed that hurricane storm surge causes trees to reduce growth in subsequent years, and my current research at the University of Alabama assesses changes in streamflow variability for the past millennium in the Southeast U.S.  

        I am also involved in a myriad of other projects, mostly in the Southeast US, including the Baton Rouge Flood of 2016, the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, improving K-12 environmental education, and even an Ancient Underwater Forest!         


forests, 2020

Using false rings to explore streamflow variability


Environmental Protection Agency

Assessing Streamflow Variability with Tree Rings

Dendrochronologia, 2019

Dendroarchaeology of former New Orleans Plantation

atmosphere, 2018 

Climatological analysis of hurricane rainfall

Louisiana Sea Grant

Teaching Tree-Ring Science to K-12 Students

Southwest Division of the AAG

Detecting Saltwater Uptake in Coastal Trees

Journal of Coastal Research, 2017

Finding evidence of hurricanes in trees' growth rings

Independent Research

Finding New Areas for Research in Dendrotempestology


Assessing the life of a tree using growth rings.

2016 - 2020

Louisiana State University

Ph.D., Geography

Minor in Coastal Ecology and Restoration

Coastal Geography.

How it affects humans, and how humans change it.

Extreme Climatology.

Extreme weather occurrences through time.

The Gulf Coastal Plain.

Where I'm from, and what I know best!

2013 - 2015

Louisiana State University

M.S., Geography

2009 - 2013

Louisiana State University

B.S., Geography


2020 - present

University of Alabama

Postdoctoral Researcher, Geography